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  • Technical topics: Where can I download OxiSMS?
    Answer: You can download the OxiSMS software from our website by clicking here.   Please note: if you have just purchased credit on our website and have already ...
  • Commercial topics: On how many workstations can I install my license?
    Answer: You can install your license on as many computers as you wish only if they all belong to the same company on the same geographical ...
  • Technical topics: Does OxiSMS work on Mac / Linux?
    Answer: Yes! Since its version 2.1.0, OxiSMS allows you to send SMS from your MAC and Linux machines!Visit the download page to get it. ...
  • Technical topics: What is the latest version available?
    Answer: The latest version is available to download directly from our website by clicking here.   You can consult the list of changes, only available in French (sorry ...
  • Commercial topics: Are the new versions included in the price?
    Answer: Yes, absolutely. When you purchase credits for OxiSMS you pay for an all-inclusive solution. This means that you will automatically benefit of the new versions we regularly ...

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