How does the "response mode" work?

What is that?

The "Response" mode allows you to receive, directly in OxiSMS, the messages sent by your recipients in response to your SMS messages.

When a recipient replies to your message you will receive a message in your campaign. You can read answers directly in OxiSMS and export them to an Excel file for example.


How much does it cost?

The response mode is a free option! A text message sent in response mode will consume the same number of credits.

The answer is at the charge of the recipient at the cost of an SMS to Metropolitan France (excluding any extra cost).


How do I activate the response mode?

Just check the box "Activate the response mode" in the "Filter & Send" section.


Where can I consult the answers?

Go to the "Results" section and then "Replies".



Your recipients have 48 hours after receiving your message to send their reply.

It is not possible to customize the sender of text messages sent in reply mode.

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