Does OxiSMS work on Mac OS Catalina (2019)?

No, unfortunately, not at the moment.

Apple has unilaterally decided to remove support for 32-bit applications on its Catalina system and only allow 64-bit applications to run on it.

As OxiSMS operates in 32 bits, it cannot, for the moment, run on Mac OS Catalina.


Why not simply "transform" OxiSMS into 64bits?

Well, quite simply... because it's not that simple!

OxiSMS is a software originally designed for the Windows world and the Windows world is still strongly 32 bits.

On the other hand, the transformation of the application into x64 (the little name of 64 bits) would not bring, to our customers, any advantages justifying such an investment from us (we are talking about months of work).

OxiSMS being already perfectly optimized, the switch to 64bits could only be done to meet the constraints imposed by Apple.

It would not be so simple, as OxiSMS uses Wine to run on Macs, it would be necessary for Wine to work with Catalina as well, which is not yet the case.

Finally, since Apple's decision is unilateral and has an impact on thousands of software applications, we cannot, at our level, take responsibility for the impacts of this decision. This would be both unfair and inappropriate.


Are there short or medium-term solutions?

Yes (fortunately!).

You can use a system like Parallels Desktop (see here for more explanations) and, since you can install your OxiSMS license on 5 workstations, you can also install it on a Windows machine.

In the medium term, we hope, thanks to the work of the Wine project team, to be able to find a solution allowing the execution of OxiSMS on Catalina.

Check back frequently for more updates on this article.


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